Creativity Conquers Conflict

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In Place of War is a global organisation that uses creativity in places of conflict as a tool for positive change.

We enable grassroots change-makers in music, theatre and across the arts to transform a culture of violence and suffering into hope, opportunity and freedom.



Why Art?

The arts can provide an inspirational alternative to violence and an opportunity for the voiceless to express themselves. Music, theatre and the arts can be a form of resistance, an act of defiance or a simple bridge of reconciliation.

Creativity across the arts gives individuals and communities the opportunity to transcend their limitations and see potential in themselves and the world around them.

Ramy Essam Photo by Platon

Ramy Essam
Photo by Platon


84 Change-makers in 24 areas of conflict changing the world


Case studies

Lavender Hill
cultural space,
South Africa

GRRRL, A Global Collaboration

Trackside Studios,
South Africa

Theatre & Disability,

Music Industry Development,



Creative and Social Entrepreneurship,

Anna Lindh Foundation, A Global Partnership

Research and Advocacy


I am a huge supporter of In Place of War. From the role music and the arts had in the struggle to end Apartheid, to the healing power of resistance theatre in Palestine, art and culture should never be underestimated as a driver of change.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu


Partners , Board & FELLOWS

The work we do around the world would not be possible without the kind and generous support from our partners:

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UK (Global) Board of Trustees

Ruth Daniel - CEO - Activist and Entrepreneur Professor Vikas Shah - Chair - Entrepreneur
Professor James Thompson - Founder & Academic
Bob Ezrin - Music Producer / Philanthropist
Kerri Farnsworth - Cultural Place Maker
Heather Hamilton - NGO Specialist
Uma Kothari - Academic
Tom Shore - Philanthropist
Steve Smith - Entrepreneur
Paul Kempe - Property Developer

Fellows & Advisors to the Board:
Brian Eno, Mary Evers, Maxine Peake


US Board of Trustees

Bob Ezrin - Music Producer / Philanthropist
David Smith - Philanthropist & Entrepreneur

Our Global Team
Our 84-strong network of international change-makers are supported by a dedicated and passionate team of UK based International Development and Arts Practitioners who facilitate knowledge sharing, logistical expertise and research support.

Teresa Ó Brádaigh Bean - Director of Research & Education
Bobbi Quincey-Jones - Operations & Production Manager
Shereen Perera - Producer
Alison Surtees - Head of Anna Lindh Foundation Network UK

What next? 

If you want to help us use creativity to conquer conflict you can donate, send us an email or sign up to our newsletter. We’d love to hear from you.

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Registered Charity No 1182594