Trackside Studios Soweto

Turning a Sowetan funeral parlour into a thriving hub of art, expression and hope



As the home of Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Soweto is at the heart of the black South African struggle. In a post-Apartheid world, it faces high rates of crime, drug dependency and a lack of opportunities for young people. Trackside Creative was set up by local grassroots change-makers Mambila Mageza and Nthabiseng Letsoso and focuses on creating a safe space where people can express themselves through music, art and creativity.


In Place of War saw the challenges that the Trackside founders faced and was inspired by their energy, dynamism and ambition. The team created a business support plan for the organisation to help develop skills and knowledge around venue management, fund raising and leadership. This was supported by an equipment donation and series of fundraising events.


Trackside has now become a pivotal part of Soweto culture, developing skills in everything from music production to creative entrepreneurship. The donated equipment has allowed the Trackside team to develop their own sustainable business model which is providing over 100 artists, producers and DJs with the chance to express themselves and build their own creative enterprises.