Theatre & Disability

Tackling stigmatisation of conflict survivors with disabilities in Gulu through forum theatre training



Our field research into the impact of major limb loss and other physical disabilities in post war torn Uganda reveal that people living with disabilities are often seen as burden to their families and communities. Such negative perceptions lead to isolation, mental health problems and chronic poverty thus there is an urgent need to address prevailing negative attitudes and perceptions.


In Place of War has delivered a programme using forum theatre to help change perceptions of those with disabilities facing stigmatisation in Northern Uganda that have been affected by the war.


Forming a theatre company, with trainers from National Theatre UK helping develop skills in forum theatre, the group has delivered outreaches to over 1000 people and started a process of changing attitudes towards disabled people. Feedback from local people showed that the community had changed their perceptions of those with disabilities, ‘...the segregation that disabled people face in the community...when a disabled lady applied for the job, she did not get it because of her disability. Therefore we urge that disabled people should be treated fairly and be included.’