Music Industry Development

Supporting artistic expression from Palestine

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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to rage into the 21st Century. Despite a long-term peace process Israelis and Palestinians have failed to reach a final agreement resulting in economic hardship, restricted movement & violence. Despite a lack of industry, infrastructure and showcase opportunity music has been one of the ways in which Palestinians have managed to express themselves. 


Working with local change-makers and major players from the international music industry In Place of War has helped to set up the Palestine Music Expo - a showcase for Palestinian artists. This has been consolidated with the distribution of music equipment to establish new cultural spaces in the Aida Refugee Camp, Shuafat Refugee Camp and Hebron. In Place of War has also developed a series of training programmes in Arabic supported by renowned international mentors hosting workshops, seminars and masterclasses in the West Bank. 


In Place of War has provided over $300,000 of music equipment to three cultural spaces in the West Bank giving hundreds of artists the chance to make music. Five community leaders have been given resources and certification to develop skills within their community and 14 people have been trained as trainers on the Creative and Social Entrepreneurial programme (CASE). More than 60 international music delegates have attended the Palestine Music Expo to support and mentor 42 bands watched by over 9000 young Palestinians. Most importantly In Place of War is committed to developing a fully functioning music infrastructure and industry as a way of building hope in the West Bank and Gaza, putting Palestinian artists on a world stage.