An international super-group featuring women of colour from international conflict zones



Women of colour from conflict zones are amongst the most marginalised people in the world. From the gang war favelas of Brazil, to politically oppressed Zimbabwe and post-Apartheid South Africa – women in these conflicts are often limited to the home and a life without hope. They are often discriminated against in the name of religion and tradition, abused by men in the community and their voices are frequently silenced.


In Place of War decided to address this lack of women’s voices and created GRRRL - an electronic music collaboration between revolutionary women from places of conflict expressing themselves on their terms, in their languages, with their stories. Together, these eight fierce influential artists have worked with Laima Leyton (Mixhell/ Soulwax) to create a music and touring project that powerfully tells their collective stories and demonstrates how artistic creativity can conquer conflict around the world.


GRRRL has involved forty women over two years, with performances across some of the biggest global festivals including closing the Commonwealth Games in Australia. They have performed to over half a million people. An album has been released and the artists have developed a huge media profile across platforms including BBC, Vice and Noisey to tell their stories and inspire women in areas of conflict around the world.