Anna Lindh Foundation 

Delivering our creative and social entrepreneurial programme with Euro-Med refugee communities



In Place of War has been Head of Network for Anna Lindh Foundation for 4 years, working with 130 organisations and individuals across the UK around themes of intercultural dialogue. Projects include working with UK ALF members and several of our international partners in the wider Euro Med region. We have actively pursued the membership of young diverse people with new dynamism and passion. This has proven to be a successful change, reinvigorating members and reigniting their passion for collaboration. The youth membership has also had a chance to engage directly with international partners on Cross Network Actions (CNA).


In 2017 our research has focused on the role of the arts and creative and social enterprise in promoting social and economic participation of refugees in the Euro-Med region, We successfully secured 75,000 Euros for a UK led CNA to develop a new tool kit on best practice in working with refugees and arts and creative and social enterprise, as well as opportunities to mobile young creative social entrepreneurs from the UK, Sweden, Greece, Germany and Lebanon, to train as trainers of our Creative and Social Entrepreneur Programme.


The refugee toolkit had been established as part of our Network Intercultural Action, which was completed in 2017, as a direct response to the calls from our UK network to show solidarity around the refugee crisis, and look to develop a simple statement of intent, towards developing best principles from which we would all agree to work, around respect, tolerance and understanding.